In order to guide the operation of the “Star of the Youth”, ensure that the evaluation process is objective and fair, and promote the scientific and standardized management of awards, this method is specially formulated.

Chapter One – General Provisions

Article 1: About
"Star of the Youth" is an unofficial and public welfare award led by the jury which is jointly co-organized by CSTT, JSTT, MSTTT, and SgSTT four-country trenchless societies, and is affiliated with Kyushu University, Central South University, Zhengzhou University, University of Petroleum and Technology of Malaysia, Monash University and other related universities and benchmarking companies recognized by the four-country trenchless societies.

Article 2: Mission Statement
“Star of the Youth” focuses on the basic disciplines, cutting-edge technologies and scientific management involved in No-Dig, directly rewarding No-Dig practitioners in youth, facing the future and rewarding potential.

Article 3: Principle
Adhere to the principles of impartiality, fairness and openness, as well as professional assessment by scientists. Adhere to the independence in application assessment and prevent any organization or individual from influencing the assessment by going beyond these rules. Adhere to the nature of public interest, do not seek commercial returns or short-term benefits, and aim at long-term operations.

Chapter Two - Award

Article 4: Name
Star of the Youth

Article 5: Applicants
Young workers aged 40 and below who are working full time in the No-Dig industry.

Article 6: Fields
Basic subject Fields: geological engineering, geotechnical mechanics
Cutting-edge technology areas: information electronics, energy and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing.
Professional areas: Pipejacking, HDD, and pipe rehabilitation

Article 7: Number of Recipients
No more than 30 people are selected each year.

Article 8: Reward
Top 3 people would be the winners based on 70% scoring by the judges + 30% online voting system.
Prize as below:
Champion: USD 2000
Second Place: USD 1500
Third Place: USD 1000
Remark: Winners who cannot participate in the awards dinner will only be issued a certificate, and the prize will be rolled into the prize pool, except for overseas participants who cannot attend due to the epidemic.

Chapter Three - Management

Article 9: Organization
Includes a Management Committee and an Advisory Committee. The Management Committee consists of an Assessment Committee, an Oversight Committee and a Secretariat.

Article 10: Management Committee
The Management Committee is the highest decision-making body for the award. Its duties are as follows: To clarify the award’s objectives, principles, purposes and tasks; to determine the composition of the Assessment Committee and Oversight Committee; to approve assessment rules and methods; and to review and approve the final assessment results.

Article 11: Advisory Committee
It is composed of well-known experts from four countries and senior managers in the field of No-Dig. Its duties are as follows: to provide guidance; to offer suggestions; and to promote the influence of the award.

Article 12: Assessment Committee
Assessment Teams are set up for respective award fields. Their duties are as follows: to design rules and standards for the assessment and selection of candidates; to implement the assessment process in various fields; and to select award-winning candidates and submit them to the Management Committee for approval.

Article 13: Oversight Committee
Composed of specialists in law, finance, auditing and public policy, its duties are as follows: to provide professional advice; to oversee the assessment and selection process; and to ensure the award’s credibility.

Article 14: Secretariat
The secretariat is set up by ITTC and is responsible for day-to-day operations. Its duties are as follows: daily administrative service, support, implementation and progress management for the award; organization and coordination among various committees; announcement, awarding and public communication of awards; organization of academic exchange activities for young scientists and technicians.

Chapter Four – Assessment

Article 15: Candidates
Candidates are selected through nomination and application. Candidate requirements can be found in the Application Guide.

Article 16: Nomination
Each nominator may nominate 2 candidates in their field each year.

Article 17: Registration
During the application period, the applicant may log in to the official award website to register.

Article 18: Process
Consists of three stages: first assessment, review and final assessment.

Article 19: Announcement
Every March, the shortlist is announced on the awards website. Every April, the on-site presentation is held at the ITTC conference. At the same time, in the “Gala Dinner”, it will announce the winner’s names, companies, fields and reasons for the winner’s, and award certificates and prizes.

Chapter Five - Supplementary Provisions

Article 20: Duties of Award Winners
Adhere to academic ethics, uphold the scientific spirit, and abide by scientific research integrity.

Article 21: Withdraw
If a winner violates the provisions of these management rules, the Management Committee can decide to terminate the grant.

Article 22: Disclosures and Recusal
Reviewers must take the initiative to disclose at the earliest time any potential conflict of interest, including but not limited to teacher-student relationships, relatives and friends, project cooperation (for projects that have ended within the last three years), commercial partnerships and competition. The Management Committee will decide on the qualifications of the reviewer.

Article 23: Confidentiality
All staff involved in the award is subject to confidentiality obligations in relation to the award.

Article 24: Amendment and Interpretation
The rules are revised by the Secretariat and approved by the Management Committee. The final right of interpretation belongs to the Secretariat.

Article 25: Enforcement
These rules come into force and shall be implemented on the date of issue.

Secretariat of “Star of the Youth”

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