Anyone under the age of 40 working in No-Dig industry can apply.

According to “Management Measures for Star of the Youth”, this guide is made to instruct young workers in No-Dig industry to understand the application conditions, procedures and precautions. The applicant is required to read it carefully and execute it.


  • 1.Age: The applicant is not more than 40 years old as of January 1 in the application year
  • 2.Education: No limit
  • 3.Industry: Full-time job in No-Dig industry
  • 4.Recommendation: Recommended by more than two review experts of “Star of the Youth”

  • Application Procedures

    Any applicant who meet the above criteria can apply “Star of the Youth” through the following two channels.
    1.Nominated by review expert
    The review experts provide the secretariat with the information such as the name, company, E-mail address and the reason for the nomination. Each review expert is limited to nominate for 2 candidates in his/her own field each year. The Secretariat emailed the nominee to submit the application materials.
    2.Individual registration
    During the application period, the applicant can log in to the official website and submit the materials required.
    Application Website:
    Application E-mail:

    Application Materials

    1.Application Statement
    Before submitting the application, you must carefully read the Application Statement to ensure that the personal information and the recommendation information are true and objective, and do not contain the content that violates relevant laws and regulations.

    2.Fill in the basic information

  • 1) Personal information: name, affiliation, contact information,etc.
  • 2) Education experience: From affiliation school, fill in chronological order.
  • 3) Work experience: Fill in chronological order.
  • 4) Achievements: Briefly introduce the main work achievements and the projects that have participated.
  • 5) Future Planning: A brief description of the work plan and expected accomplishments for the next three years.

  • 3. Paper

  • Please submit the abstract of not less than 1000 words.
  • Application Requirements

    Candidates must not interfere with or influence the assessment in any way. Candidates who violate the rules will be disqualified from participating in the assessment once the violation is verified.

    Please follow us to stay informed.

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