Under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on development, China has made outstanding achievements and step into a new development stage. Under new circumstances, strengthen of innovation capability, young aged talent cultivation, building an innovation country is China’s country strategic choice for future development, key to enhance national strength. Provide full support to development and lead the future though innovation is crucial importance to socio-economic progress in this stage.


Junior Talent development Forum is committed to create an international information exchanging platform which is focus on frontier and creative theory and practice in trenchless field for researchers and engineers under the age of 40. Young technology leaders, top-notch engineers, well-known researchers and entrepreneurs will gather together, present and share their perspectives for building an innovation trenchless community, aim to advance and drive trenchless industry innovation transforming in a coordinated and sustainable manner.

  • 2019/09 Nomination and Registration
  • 2019/12 Paper Submission
  • 2020/02 Final Paper Submission
  • 2020/04 Presentation
  • 2020/04 Award Ceremony
Yan Chunwen

Vice President of CSTT

Director of Editorial Department China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

Yang Yuyou

Professor, Ph.D

China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Hu Yuanbiao

Executive General of CSTT

Professor, Ph.D China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Fang Hongyuan

Senior Engineer

Zhengzhou University

Huo Yuxiang


Chengdu University of Technology

Hisham Mohamad

Associate Professor, University of Petroleum and Technology of Malaysia

Secretary-General of Malaysian Trench and Tunnel Association

Dr. Choo Chung Siung

Discipline Leader – BEng (Hons) Civil, Senior Lecturer

BEng (Hons), PhD (Swinburne), Grad. IEM, A.M. MGS, Grad. IEAust

Hideki Shimada
Professor, Ph.D

Department of Earth Resources Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Kyunshu University

Japan Society for Trenchless Technology (JSTT)

Tetsuya Kusuda

Professor and Senior Adviser

Kyushu University
Japan Society for Trenchless Technology (JSTT)

akashi Sasaoka

Associate Professor

Kyushu University

Sun Minmin

Vice President of Singapore Society for Trenchless Technology (SgSTT)

Dennis Kong

President of Singapore Society for Trenchless Technology (SgSTT)



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